A message from our founder:

I grew up in the rural community of Kewanee, MS.  The community lacked resources to promote educational and social development.  As time evolved, I became spiritually aware of the importance of education. Education is a privileged platform to transform individuals, families, and communities.  I became a registered nurse in 1986 which, through my education, changed my economical and personal development. My life experiences as a nurse, a woman, and philanthropist has helped me to discover my purpose.  I believe that basic human kindness and concern for others will promote productive citizens.  

In 1986, I was introduced to the power of “group talk”.  Through the years of working with youths and adults, I have experience the effectiveness of it.  People desire to communicate. Social media has proven the desire to be heard. However, I believe personal face to face conversation is therapeutic and can help prevent destructive choices.

It is my vision of the TACT program to help individuals develop their purpose in this world.  The challenges of the program has been the lack of volunteers, financial support, and dispersion of families.  Rural locations as compared to municipal living limits transportation to people if they do not own a vehicle or licensed to drive.

~ Linda Johnson