Our Story

TACT is a nonprofit organization that offers services to individuals and families in the rural communities of East Mississippi and West Alabama that are located outside of city limits or towns.  Our goals are to offer services and resources to improve the lives of the people in these communities.

We began in 2015 offering a six week summer program to the youths which helped working parents or guardians place their child(ren) in a safe and structured environment.  Approximately 75% or more of the youths were from low economic families. Therefore, with the support of a “Child nutrition grant” and fundraising enabled us to provide the service as we operated as SMBC summer program and beginning in the fall of 2019 we became known as TACT(Today Action Changes Tomorrow).

TACT’s organizational goals are to improve services needed by individuals and families.  We need increased funding for paid employees and volunteers. Our values are: Hope, Integrity, Safety, Resources.

  • We hope that the services we offer a positive influence for a future of our participants 
  • We believe the integrity of our mission and support it’s purpose
  • We cannot assume participants have been taught safety skills from hand washing to human trafficking 
  • We desire to partner with other organizations that offer resources to anyone in need and lack their knowledge of services